Where can I get help with my Family History Research?

As NSW BDM Transcription agents, we get a lot of requests for assistance with many aspects of family history research that are beyond the scope of the service we provide transcribing NSW Birth, Death and Marriage certificates. Unfortunately, we don’t have the resources to take on research commissions, as our time is fully committed doing transcription work. Whilst we try to be helpful, we do need to focus on our main functions – transcribing and obtaining the documents you identify in your research.

So, the question remains: where can you go to get help with Family History research?

Your local Family History Society is a great place to get assistance with your Family History. Members are more than willing to share their knowledge and experience to assist in furthering your research. Many societies have their own libraries or use a section of the local council library as a base for helping researchers. Contact your local library to see if there are regular days when volunteers are available to help you with your research. They also run seminars and classes to teach you about the many and varied avenues available to help you on your research journey.

Contacting the Family History Society in the area where your ancestor lived is also a great source of help. Local knowledge can count for a lot.

We recently came across a blog post listing 14 FREE Links for New South Wales Genealogy and History which list some great resources to assist researching NSW ancestors. Click Here to view.

Many websites list Family History Societies in NSW and elsewhere. The NSW and ACT Association of Family History Societies and Cora Num’s website are good places to start.

For Aboriginal Family History try http://www.linkupnsw.org.au/ and the Family History Unit of Aboriginal Affairs

Those who have Chinese ancestors who came to Australia should contact Kate Bagnall who is a historian and academic with many published articles on the subject.

If you have a FamilySearch Centre run by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints near you, they too have volunteers who can help you with your research. These centres have access to worldwide records.

If you have a difficult search dilemma, or you don’t have the time to do the research yourself, you might need to think about hiring a professional researcher. Cyndi’s List has a listing of Family History professionals. The Society of Australian Genealogists maintains a list of Professional Researchers who have completed their Diploma of Family Historical Studies . These can be good places to start to find someone with the skill and expertise to solve your more difficult research questions. Ancestry™ also have a professional research arm.

As you can see, there are many groups and professionals willing and able to you to help you on your way!


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One thought on “Where can I get help with my Family History Research?

  1. Hi Just thought I would tell you about another resource for Aboriginal records – see below, you can do a global search of the database by typing in a name on the main screen on this site, but if the spelling is not right or too much info you don’t get what you want, just like any other database. We click on Northern Territory, and from there you can keep drilling down through the various links definitely great site.
    Once you are in a page you can then use your browse to find a name on the page, ours is Google Chrome, on the top right hand side you will see three bars, click on that to get the menu go to find, and then type the name you are looking for, this is also area if you want to increase the size of the type – see Zoom.
    June Tomlinson
    Hon. Secretary
    Centre for Indigenous Family History Studies
    Northern Territory – 11. 5.2015. Narwietooma School Operational Matters 1950s (->). Narwietooma School Education 1950-1960s (->). Cape Don Census 1954 …

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