What's in N.S.W Census Records and how do I find an Index?

We have access to the following muster and census documents:

  • 1805-1806 Muster of NSW and Norfolk Island
  • 1811 General Muster of NSW, Norfolk Island and Van Diemen's Land
  • 1822 General Muster and Land and Stock Muster of NSW
  • 1828 Census
  • 1841 Census

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In the case of the 1841 Census, you can do this search yourself by following these steps:

1. Go to the NSW State Records On-Line Index Page
2. Click on the "C" link at the top of the page and look for "Census Records"
3. Click on "Search" in the "1841 Census" box
4. Type in the name of the person for whom you are looking and, if possible, their residence
5. You will get either an individual or a list of the records in which the name appears, depending on how much you information you put into the search
6. Identify the person you are looking for and record the details
7. Enter the particulars of the census on our order form

It will be noted that for the 1891 and 1901 Censuses, only the collectors' books have survived. This means that the only information given is the head of the household, the number of adults, the number of children, the number of Chinese and the number of Aborigines. It is a good tool for placing families at particular times and particular places but not detailed enough to provide names.

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